Lilly's Menu

All-American Burgers

Tomato, Lettuce, Onion included. Served with a side.
Substitute Brew City fries, Onion Rings or Sweet Potato fries $1.79


Step 1: Choose Toppings

Green Peppers, Grilled Onions, Bacon, Ham, Mushrooms, Banana Peppers, Fried Egg.
Additional toppings extra.

Step 2: Choose Cheese

American, Swiss, Provolone, Pepperjack, Bleu Cheese, Feta Cheese.

Step 3: Choose Flavor

Bbq, sweet spicy habanero, caribbean jerk, chipotle mayo, spicy boom boom, asian, sweet chili, sweet and spicy, honey mustard, grippo bbq dressing

Grove City Favorites

Wally Burger

Premium Black Angus burger topped with zesty BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, and cheddar cheese

Greyhound Burger

Our Premium Black Angus burger covered with grilled mushrooms and crispy bacon.

Mushroom Mozzarella

Premium Black Angus burger smothered with grilled mushrooms and melted fresh mozzarella cheese.
Ooey Gooey Goodness!

Patty Melt

Never out of style! Premium Black Angus burger topped with grilled onions and Swiss cheese and served on grilled rye

Spicy Black Bean

Seasoned black bean burger topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion with your choice of cheese. Vegetarian favorite.