About Us

Our Team

As a long time employee of Lilly's, when the opportunity to purchase Lilly's Kitchen Table was offered in 2010, Tracey Cope seized the chance to not only carry on the name, but the tradition of providing a family owned and operated diner in the heart of Grove City's famous Town Center. Specializing in comfort food and home made specials, Lilly's offers the some of the finest food and service in Grove City and offers the best breakfast in town. Being a family operated local business Lilly's is not only a great place to enjoy breakfast or lunch, but is a perfect place to experience the heart of Grove City and some of the nicest people you can meet.

Who Are We?

Lilly's is actually ran by Tracey Cope and her son Chris. They have owned Lilly's for over 5 years and a fun fact, they did not come up with the name. Lilly's was the name of the restaurant that people have come to know through the years, and when Tracey took it over she decided to leave it the same. Lilly's is a proud Grove City restaurant, and with it being located in the heart of downtown, it's a convenient place to grab a bite to eat.

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